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Bees Boards MA

Small Laser etching

Small Laser etching

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**Please reach out to us before ordering laser etching! This is an add on to an existing product, and not a standalone product!**


"Small" is determined by time taken to complete the laser etching. The larger the design, the more space the laser etching has to cover, the longer it will take. 

A few inches wide for a corporate logo is likely "small"
A handwritten recipe filling the face of a charcuterie board would not be small

Reach out with your project idea so we can clarify it's complexity!

Laser etching allows us to completely customize a board with your logo, some text, scroll work - or a cats face.

Laser works best when it is kept to one single species of wood - because each color and species reacts differently, you may end up with deeper or darker marks if spanning from a light maple to a dark walnut.



Care information

Edge grain boards need a little bit of love and care to give you a lifetime of use – so please follow these guidelines!

Bees Board butter on a cutting board

  • They may feel greasy or oily when they arrive. This is normal! Temperature changes during shipping can melt or firm up the oil and wax, and it’s not uncommon for them to seep. This is why they are wrapped in plastic first. Simply wipe them down with a paper towel.
  • Never ever *ever* put them in the dishwasher! Big no no! They will dry out, twist and warp and make us all sad.
  • Water is the enemy. If possible, avoid leaving them on wet surfaces or soaking them in the sink. If they get wet, just wipe them off when you’re done – the bees wax will protect it, but you don’t want to let it soak and absorb too much. 
  • Storing them upright helps prevent water from soaking in and causing twists or warps.
  • If they start to look a little dry, or sad, or feel rough – give them a generous coating on all sides of the board oil – let them sit for anywhere between 30 mins and overnight, and buff them with a lint free cloth. This will rehydrate the board, and the wax will give it a water resistant coating. You may want to do this more often in the early days to get them nice and saturated.

None of this is a hard science – they are meant to be used, to be cut on, to be tools in your kitchen or grill and home – but like anything, a little bit of TLC will make them love you forever!

If they ever get so rough from use you want to resurface them, spend some time sanding down to 220 grit – then a liberal dose of board butter or mineral oil to bring the color back – and they will be good as new.

We sell our own custom blend of board butter! You can pick up 4oz right here.

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