Hand made boards and crafts

We started making our own cutting boards for fun, and it opened up a whole rabbit hole of creating, making and learning!

Cutting Boards

These cutting boards are all hand made in our workshop, and finished... 

About us

Bees Boards is a home based business led by two insessant makers. Whether we're 3D printing, crocheting, CNCing or cutting wood - we're always making stuff, and hoping people love it as much as we do!

  • Meet Bee!

    We're often asked where the name came from - meet Bee, our founder and namesake!

  • Sourced locally in New England

    From getting our slabs and lumber as locally as possible, to using local cheeses and foods in our platters - we try to keep everything as local to home as we can.

  • Hand made, at home

    Our workshop is our garage! We do everything in our own home - from milling lumber, making our products and shipping things out!

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Making boards has become a passion

Giving a mineral oil bath to a breadboard style cutting board
Walnut, sapele and canary wood cutting board, to imitate a German flag
A colorful charcuterie board, covered in chopped fruit, deli meats, cheese and dips