About Us

"How hard can it be?"

We say this a lot, in our house. We get curious about something, and we want to learn more. So we fire up YouTube, and start googling, because it can’t be that hard, right?

We had a 17 year old Boos Block in our kitchen. It had lived on our counter from at least two houses ago, and it was tired. We decided it would be a good idea to restore it – and that's how we discovered the world of edge grain and end grain and charcuterie boards made from live edge slabs, planers and jointers and sanders and other tools.

We were hooked.

We converted a garage bay into a wood shop. We went tool shopping. We went wood shopping. We found family and friends who loved what we made. We found strangers who loved what we made – so we kept on making. From our garage and from our kitchen.

We still haven’t restored that Boos Block …